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Travelling with Voxblock

A handy place for all travel concerns and questions.

Is my Voxblock robust enough to travel with?

We have designed the Voxblock to be durable and robust enough to handle all of the little bumps and knocks that life brings, including those that occur while travelling.

Do I need to have anything set up in advance when travelling with my Voxblock?

Nope, nothing at all. Simplicity is key so there is no need to mess around with wifi or downloads. Simply pop your audiobook in and get listening straight away.

Is my Voxblock waterproof?

While our player is durable and made to last, like many electrical devices it is not designed to be waterproof, so please keep this in mind while using it.

Do I need specific headphones to listen to my Voxblock?

We recommend the POGS headphones, which can be found on our website here. However any headphones with a 3.55mm headphone jack can be used alongside our player.