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Getting started

We'll guide you through setting up your player, listening to your audiobooks, charging, and basic controls.

10 articles
Voxblock display icons

A handy guide to the display icons on your player.

4 articles
Voxblock's Token Scheme

Information on Voxblock's token scheme, including how it works and what to do if you've lost your token collection card.

3 articles
Voxblock's Refer a Friend Scheme

Information about Voxblock's Refer a Friend Scheme, including what it is and how it works.

2 articles
Travelling with Voxblock

A handy place for all travel concerns and questions.

4 articles

A guide to delivery options, making changes to your order, and our delivery policies.

6 articles

A guide to our return policies and procedures.

5 articles

Information on sustainability at Voxblock.

2 articles

All safety information regarding our player and audiobook range.

2 articles

Includes information on school discounts and programme.

2 articles

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