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Voxblock display icons

A handy guide to the display icons on your player.

What do the status lights mean?

If the status light is green, an audiobook has been placed in the player and is currently being played. If the status light is blue, there is no audiobook in the player, or the audiobook has been paused while listening. If the status light is orange,

What do the different battery lights mean on my Voxblock?

If the battery light is green, you have enough battery on to continue listening with no interruptions. If the battery light is red, please recharge your player. If the battery light is flashing green, this means you are successfully charging your pla

How do I play, pause, or skip an audiobook on my Voxblock?

To play or pause an audiobook, simply press the large play button at the bottom of the player. Use the left and right arrows to navigate between chapters. If you want to jump back to the very beginning of the audiobook, you can hold down the left arr

How do I activate ‘bedtime mode’ on my Voxblock?

To activate bedtime mode, simply press the arrow buttons on your player simultaneously until you hear a tone and the status light turns orange. This will enable 20 minutes of playtime, before going silently into standby mode.