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Getting started

We'll guide you through setting up your player, listening to your audiobooks, charging, and basic controls.

How do I set up my Voxblock player?

We’ve designed the player to be easy and simple enough for kids to use. There is no setup required, simply turn the player on, pop in your book of choice, and get listening!. If you choose to stop listening in the middle of a chapter, or remove your

Do I need batteries to use my Voxblock?

Nope, Voxblock doesn’t require any batteries at all. As long as your Voxblock is charged, there is nothing else to worry about, which means you can listen to your audiobooks with no distractions.

Do I need an internet connection to use my Voxblock?

Nope, Voxblock is connectivity free. As the audio is physically stored on each audiobook, all you need is your player and audiobook to get listening.

Do I need Bluetooth connectivity to use my Voxblock?

Our current models do not have Bluetooth connectivity. When building Voxblock, we have always opted for simplicity over complexity. We considered that adding Bluetooth increased both the cost and complexity of the player. We felt that battery-powered

How do I listen to audiobooks on my Voxblock?

You can listen to your audiobooks through the player’s built-in speaker or, for solo listening, you can plug your headphones into the player’s 3.5mm headphone jack.

How do I stop or change the audiobook I’m listening to?

Simply remove the audiobook from the player. When you’re ready to resume that story again the audiobook will start playing right where you left off, so there’s no need to fret.

How do I play, pause, or skip an audiobook on my Voxblock?

To play or pause an audiobook, simply press the large play button at the bottom of the player. Use the left and right arrows to navigate between chapters. If you want to jump back to the very beginning of the audiobook, you can hold down the left arr

How do I activate ‘bedtime mode’ on my Voxblock?

To activate bedtime mode, simply press the arrow buttons on your player simultaneously until you hear a tone and the status light turns orange. This will enable 20 minutes of playtime, before going silently into standby mode.

My Voxblock has run out of charge, how do I charge it?

To get the best performance from your player, we recommend charging it from a USB wall plug (and not a computer USB port, laptop charger, or car adapter). We also recommend charging the player fully each time, e.g. overnight.

How long will my Voxblock last on a single charge?

On a single full charge, the player gives you 14 hours of playtime or 25 days of standby.